Brand History.

This became the discovery of Dry Clean Only, a brand begun by a boy called Best,Patipat Chaipukdee . Best is the Picasso of t-shirts, making art out of vintage Adidas tees – hand knitting them up, or attaching maribou feathers to the sleeves. He started his own shop at JATUJAK Weekend market since 2008 .


In 2010 , Fresh out of fashion school, Best spent his days finding the coolest vintage tees and then reworking them by hand with beads, studs, safety pins and jewels. But it’s not just about the bead-work; Best pulls apart old tees and reshapes them. Often one of his Dry Clean Only t-shirts has two or three tshirt collars – collars become cuffs; tees are slashed and mixed with lace or sequins. It’s a complete fantasy.


Product aside,the whole existence and rationale of DRYCLEANONLY is a curious paradox – the use of mass-produced materials to creat one-of-a-kind apparel,and the transformation of industrial products into handcraft-rich fashion.

“it ‘s a problem-solving strategy,” said designer Patipat Chaipukdee. “ I want something that’s unique and one-of-a-kind, but don’t want to start making cloths the way people do – buying fabrics and making patterns,”


Best then looks at what he loves best classic logos and band T-shirts – and starts reusing and customizing these vintage items into new and unique T-shirt by modifying proportion adding decorative details from stiching to handcrafts . Key pieces thus include modified and customised Harley Davidson , Rolling Stones ,World Tour goodie T-shirt and Wildlife tees – both from his own collection and vintage market around the world .


“I saw it as a gap in the market and I believe there ‘re people out there who ‘re like me – loving vintage collectible T-shirt but also wanting something that ‘s also unique .We also show our repect to these items by leaving the orginal label as it is , and inserting our lable underneath .”


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