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  1. Emily

    hello~may i buy the clothes online???? I come from taiwan~is you have wholesale?
    I really want to purchase the product that you made!!!thanks!!!

  2. sp

    i’m from hk and i visited your shop a year ago…i’m in love with all the 3 pieces that i bought…just browsed your blog and am amazed that your work is even more stunningly stylish now!
    by any chance if i can make a purchase online? i am a big fan of yours but i dont visit bkk that often!

  3. Michelle

    Hey guys! I have just come across your brand and I am absolutely stunned by your work!! I’m from Australia and would love to know how I can purchase some of your products!! x

  4. Jasmine

    I m from HK n now I m in BKK.
    Beside, JJ market, where I can buy ur collection in BKK? U got shop in Siam???


  5. Ms. Rabbit

    Hello, I am from Taiwan!!
    Very very like your design!
    I would like to ask how to order it??
    I re-sell clothing.
    May I ask how much to order price it?
    Quantity more discount?

    Thank you ~ ^ ^

  6. Visa

    Hi… I would like to know where is your shop and what time does it open and close?? Can I just go in or do I need to make an appointment ka?

    Thank you so much ka

    • Dear Visa
      please follow this link below .

      Normallry every shops will open 10 am and closed 9pm but at jatujak weekend market ,it will open 10am and close at 5pm.

      if you would like to purchase at our shop , there d not need an appointment ka .

      Best regards,

  7. PandoraL

    Hey, I really love your products and would like to purchase some,
    is there any online store for this brand?
    If there is please do let me know,
    I am from Australia.. so can’t go shop directly in Thailand.. 😦

    • hi, there .
      As each piece of our product is on-off.
      we are still struggle to have an online store now.
      however as many request come to us .
      we try to have an online store soon.

      I will let you know once it happen .

      Best regards,

  8. Fumiko Senda

    I am interested in some of your collection here. I was wondering if there is anyway I can make a purchase online, and if I can, I would like to place an order. Also, if you have more collections, I would like to see it:)

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